Board of Directors


Good morning to all of our friends, members and partners of the Thalidomide Victims Association of Canada.

In September 2019, it was with great pleasure that I accepted the position of president of the Board of Directors. You can rest assured that I will do my utmost to fully perform my new duties.

With the help of the other members of the Board, and Gloria, I am committed to representing and defending the interests of the members of TVAC, ensuring that the program continues to adequately meet our needs, we, the Canadian thalidomide survivors, so that we may age with dignity. I make it one of my priorities and this, without losing sight of TVAC’s mission: “To empower its members and improve their quality of life.”

2020 will be a very important and busy year. I commit to provide assistance and support to TVAC’s head office, as well as to regularly monitor the EPIQ program.

As has already been said, continue to tell the story of us, the thalidomide survivors. Always remember that the thalidomide tragedy must not sink into oblivion…

Let us remain united, for our greater good.

Yours truly,


Myriam Bouffard – Quebec Representative
President of TVAC

Other members of the Board of Directors

Peter Settle – Ontario Representative

Newly retired, Dominic Sigouin has been actively involved with TVAC for several years. He holds university degrees both in Business Administration and in Physical Activity Sciences. He has worked in the community with a wide range of people, including adolescents with behavioral problems and athletes with intellectual disabilities.


Aline Vachon – Member at large

Mario Dufour – Quebec Representative

For over 36 years, Mario Dufour has been an electronic sales consultant. Younger, his malformations did not stop him from winning a water ski trophy and from being a roller skating champion. Between his career, his athletic achievements and his involvement as a Director of TVAC, his greatest achievement remains his wife and his three children.

Photo de Mario Dufour

Marie Olney – Western Representative

I am quite happy to be back on the board of TVAC after a couple decades. You may know that I was a director responsible for Public Relations in the very early days and then again somewhat later in the 1990s. Now I am representing the Western Region having moved to yet another province. I agreed to sit on the board again with two main goals in mind.  I aim to work towards changing membership criteria of TVAC to include all Canadian born survivors. Recognizing that this may involve certain limitations on supports for those members residing abroad, it is my fervent hope that all will still feel welcome.  I also want to put in place measures that will ensure the continuation of TVAC until the last survivor breathes their last breath. This means opening up the positions on the board to other than the survivors themselves, most likely a family member or very close friend. This should be undertaken with great thought, intention and gradually.  I look forward to accomplishing these goals and ensuring the continuous smooth operations of TVAC.

Terry Vachon – Ontario Representative

It is with pleasure that I join the TVAC board of directors once again.  I am extremely proud and humbled that i was given the opportunity to be a part of TVAC’s Board of directors over the years. It was an exciting, complicated, frustrating, life changing, exhilarating time for all of us.   So much was accomplished, and the end resulted in all of us having just a little more peace of mind, dignity, and security at the end of the day. I am forever grateful to our past Executive Director Mercedes Benegbi, and to the TaskForce for all that they accomplished and achieved on our behalf.   Moving forward I am optimistic for the future of TVAC! I look forward to new challenges and new adventures within our organization. The future looks bright!

Sincerely your Ontario Representative!