Board of Directors

A Word from our President

Greetings everyone, members, partners, and friends of TVAC

It is with great pleasure that I have accepted to be the president of TVAC’s Board of Directors. It is a great honor to occupy this position. I will do everything in my power to deserve this honor.

For the duration of my mandate, I pledge to work diligently to meet the expectations of all thalidomiders. With the help of other Board members, I will strive to represent and defend the interest of all Canadian Thalidomide survivors. I will accomplish my duties with dignity and respect for what has been accomplished in the past, all the while keeping my eyes focused on the future and ensuring that all victims can live with dignity in the long term.

2019 will be a year in which the Thalidomide Survivors Contribution Program and the Canadian Government’s Emergency Medical Assistance Fund will be re-evaluated. Without questioning the merits of the Program,  TVAC’s Board of Directors is committed to keeping a close eye to ensure that it is properly funded and administered in a transparent manner. Defending the physical and moral integrity of all members is essential. Our main concern is that the program always meets the needs of Canadian thalidomide survivors, so that we can grow old with dignity.

Much like my predecessors, strengthened by our struggles, our experiences and our victories, I also hope that TVAC will continue to use its voice to promote pharmacovigilance, so that the thalidomide tragedy will never be forgotten. I believe that by sharing our history, as Thalidomide survivors, TVAC can help make our world a much safer place for unborn children.

Together, let’s work with integrity for the good of all.

Thank you.

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Josée Lake – Member at large
President of TVAC

Other members of the Board of Directors

Peter Settle – Ontario Representative

Newly retired, Dominic Sigouin has been actively involved with TVAC for several years. He holds university degrees both in Business Administration and in Physical Activity Sciences. He has worked in the community with a wide range of people, including adolescents with behavioral problems and athletes with intellectual disabilities.


Myriam Bouffard – Quebec Representative

After working in the federal public service for 28 years, Myriam Bouffard is now retired. Thalidomide survivor, mother of a 30-year-old son and grandmother of a 6-year-old girl, she has been Director of TVAC for a number of years. In this role, she uses experience to provide support, assistance and advice to TVAC’S executive director and members.

Photo de Myriam Bouffard

Mario Dufour – Quebec Representative

For over 36 years, Mario Dufour has been an electronic sales consultant. Younger, his malformations did not stop him from winning a water ski trophy and from being a roller skating champion. Between his career, his athletic achievements and his involvement as a Director of TVAC, his greatest achievement remains his wife and his three children.

Photo de Mario Dufour

Gregor Wolbring – Western Representative

Gregor Wolbring is a thalidomider originally from Germany and living in Canada since 1992. He is an Associate Professor in Disability Studies at the
University of Calgary. In his work, he focuses mostly on the impact of emerging and envisioned sciences and technologies.

Photo de Gregor Wolbring