CTSSP – MARCH 27, 2020 (1st MESSAGE)

Canadian Thalidomide Survivors Support Program (CTSSP)



As we begin to prepare for the payment of annual continuing support payments to confirmed survivors, we would like to take a moment to contact survivors to confirm whether their preferred method of payment remains unchanged.

With respect to survivors who are currently receiving their payments by check, we understand and greatly appreciate that you are considering switching to the safest and most secure method of direct deposit. It is not too late.

If a survivor wishes to change their payment method, they must complete the Continuing Support Payment Request Form and return it to the Administrator by April 15, 2020.

Annual continuing support payments for the 2020-2021 fiscal year will be made around the last week of April 2020.


Administrator agent

Phone: 1-877-507-7706

TTY:   1-877-627-7027

FAX:  1-888-842-1332

Email : info@tsspcanada.ca

Website: https://tsspcanada.ca/