Hello everyone,

I hope you keep going well.

I know that the current situation does not always have to be easy for some  of you !!

I am aware that some of you have friends, relatives, family in residences and hospitals, etc. and you are denied access. I understand that this situation is really not easy. Don’t let go of my friends…!

For those who feel isolated, overwhelmed by current events and who feel the need to get support and / or help, we will display a list containing some help centers if necessary. Hope you find it useful.

This little message is to give you some news from our office.

* Gloria’s health is going very well! She would like to tell you that she has not forgotten you, that you are still in her thoughts.

* I am in daily contact with Gloria. To date, she works from home, because we were forced to close the office for 3 weeks according to the instructions of our minister and until April 13, 2020.

* We are just about to finish our survey project, announced in the last Interaction bulletin. Survey, that we are working in collaboration with Lucie. Soon you will receive it either by email or by post.

* About the birthday cards you love to receive !. As at this moment, we realize that the post office is really idling, we will proceed to send by e-mail, until the current situation is not finished. For those who do not have an email, we will send by mail if the situation allows.

* Regarding our next AGM, please note that we are working very strong in order to be able to offer you our first online AGM.

I would also like to reiterate that if you have a specific need, you can always reach me at my email address: and I will do my best to help you.

The situation changes from day to day and we have to constantly adapt and I know that it is not always easy, but let us not forget that we are fighters, champions of resistance.

So don’t let go and stay at home as requested in order to you protect as well as your entourage !!! … that’s the watchword … we stay at home our friends !!!

I wish you a beautiful and magnificent day, but please stay as much as possible in your home to ensure your protection against this virus.


Sincere friendship,


Myriam Bouffard

President of TVAC