Partners & Allies

Canadian partners – Advocacy for persons with disabilities

In order to promote the interests of its members and those of the entire community of persons with disabilities throughout Canada, TVAC is a proud member of the following organizations:

Logo du Conseil des Canadiens avec déficience
Logo de la Confédération des organismes de personnes handicapées du Québec

Council of Canadians with disabilities

CCD is a national human rights organization of people with disabilities working for an accessible and inclusive Canada. It’s an umbrella organization that gathers provincial and national disability-rights advocacy groups.

Confédération des organismes de personnes handicapées du Québec (COPHAN)

COPHAN is a disability-rights advocacy regroupment which brings together some sixty organizations and regional and national groups of people with disabilities and their relatives throughout Quebec.

Organizations representing thalidomide survivors throughout the world 

The tragedy of thalidomide having started in Europe and spread to other continents, TVAC is also in contact with other organizations at international and national levels throughout the world.

Flag of Australia


Thalidomide Australia Incorporated

Association founded in March 2008 that supports and informs thalidomide victims living in Australia.

Flag of Belgium


Association des Victimes Belges du Softenon

Martine Olivier, responsable :

Flag of Brazil


Associaçãio brasileira dos portadores da síndrome da talidomida (ABPST)

Brazilian association of thalidomide victims, founded in 1992.

Flag of Germany


Bundesverband Contergangeschädigter e. V.

Federal association of Contergan victims, founded in 1963. Contergan is the brand name under which thalidomide was marketed in this country.

Flag of Ireland


Ireland has two organizations representing thalidomide survivors:

Thalidomide Ireland

Irish Thalidomide Survivors Society

Flag of Italy


Associazione Thalidomidici Italiani ONLUS (TAI ONLUS)

Thalidomide victims association of Italy, founded in 2004.

Flag of Japan


Ishizue Foundation

Organization representing and helping thalidomide victims in Japan. In 2004, the Ishizue Foundation organized an international conference to celebrate its 30th anniversary. TVAC was there.

Flag of Spain


Asociación de Víctimas de la Talidomida en Espaňa (AVITE)

Thalidomide victims association of Spain, founded in 2004.

Flag of Sweden


Föreningen för de Neurosedynskadade

The Swedish society of thalidomide victims is an organization that represents thalidomide survivors, but also other persons with birth defects resulting from diseases or accidents.

Flag of the United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Thalidomide Society

British association of thalidomide victims, founded in 1962. This organization represents thalidomide victims and their families and other caregivers, as well as persons living with similar birth defects.

Thalidomide Trust

In addition to being in charge of administrating two funds dedicated to thalidomide Survivors in the UK. the Thalidomide Trust plays a role of information, advocacy and counselling regarding the health and wellbeing of the beneficiaries of these funds. The Thalidomide Trust is also funding a small number of research projects related to the needs of thalidomide Survivors.