Programs & Services

Support for our members

The Thalidomide Victims Association of Canada primarily exists to empower its members and promote their wellbeing. This is why we are proud to offer them many forms of support.

  • National and regional events

As an association, it is important to us to regularly organize national and regional events in which members that wish to do so can take part. These events feature conferences, workshops, entertainment and more! It is a great way to get together with other thalidomide Survivors from across Canada, to socialize and share our experiences and life paths.

  • Personalized support

TVAC provides, on a regular basis, active listening, accompaniment and reference services to all its members across Canada.

  • “REACTION” newsletter and “INTERACTION” leaflet

“REACTION”, our quarterly information newsletter, provides members with an opportunity to share their experiences and opinions. It also disseminates a variety of information on various matters of interest to Canadian thalidomiders.

Our “INTERACTION” leaflet serves as a link between the head office and the members and is designed to provide members with TVAC news clips between REACTION issues.

  • Members’ Area

Our website now features a Members’ Area. This section brings together many resources that may interest and assist TVAC’s members. In addition to various useful links, we there present personal and professional achievements of our members as well as a toolbox to facilitate their everyday life.


TVAC is currently designing a serie of talks intended for students and professionals of various domains: pharmacy, medicine, law, journalism, public affairs, politics, etc.

We see these conferences as a mean to share our story, so that the tragedy of thalidomide does not sink into oblivion and that the lessons learned from it serve as a tool to promote pharmacovigilance.

Mercedes Benegbi, TVAC's executive director, giving a conference during the Walrus Talks.